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Perilla- A taste of Japan

Culinary Uses The herb is a traditional oriental flavouring, particularly in Japanese cuisine, where it is used as readily as we use parsley. The leaves are highly aromatic, and really cannot be compared to the smell of any other herb. The flavour is slightly sweet and spicy, with a note […]

A change in Avocado varieties

  Now that its February, you’ll start to see a change coming through in the variety of avocados  available. For instance, our grower Tim from Meliora Farm at Peats Ridge has been supplying us Hass variety for the last few months, but the growing season for Hass is coming to […]

Kira R, Umina NSW

Hi and thanks again for all your wonderful seedlings, I have been getting them from you at the Entrance Market mostly, so I was pleased to see you at Woytopia today to get plants to add to my ever growing suburban garden.So thanks for providing our organic seedlings as we […]

David S. Sydney NSW

"Hi Darren, thanks for your help this week. My seedlings arrived without any problems as you said they would. I'm so looking forward to the next lot coming through. I've already told some of my friends about the website too." David S. Sydney NSW