Quinoa Flour – Organic 500g


Quinoa flour is gluten free & high in protein.

Quinoa Flour baking tips:

  • Quinoa flour has an ever so slight “sour” flavor. It works magnificent in recipes like English muffins and bread.
  • It works beautifully in bread recipes due to its high protein content. Gluten is a protein, so when you remove it it’s important to use high protein flours for the best results. The protein from quinoa flour helps provide structure, shape and rise to gluten free bread.


  • It handles surprisingly well in pastry applications! Try it in pie crust and cookies. It’s a fairly light flour and you can get a great fluffy texture when using it, especially when combining it with eggs.
  • It is a middle of the road type of flour. It creates soft baked good, but can also work great for bread as I mentioned above. It’s a fabulous all-purpose type of flour as it really can and will perform well in all kinds of applications.


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