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Asparagus from your own garden is superb!

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Asparagus officinalis

A popular and easy to grow vegetable. These plants will take a year or two from planting to start cropping.
We also have 2 year old crowns during winter.

Growing Tips: Likes moist well drained soil in a range of light conditions.

Position: Part to Full Sun

Height / width: 80cm, 40cm

Uses:  Just try getting them inside for cooking, they are fabulous straight from the garden
              Good source of dietary fibre and protein. Sweetly flavoured and highly alkaline. 
              Goes well with Garlic, Dill, smoked salmon, mushrooms, ham and other strong flavored meats.

Harvest: Pick the spring shoots when they are 20cm long. Pick until new years day then let them grow ferns

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